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Estudiante de cine

La entrevista a

Isabel Miranda


Isabel Miranda is a Boston-based artist who grew up in South America, South-East Asia and Southern Africa. Growing up aboard influenced her interest in street photography and documentary filmmaking, where she explores topics such as spirituality, music and identity.

Isabel’s photography is inspired by Saul Leiter, Ernst Haas and Joseph Koudelka. Her past projects Downtown Crossing (DTX) and La Plaza focused on connecting with the diverse community that surrounded her in Boston, MA and Santa Fe, NM. In 2021 she completed a photobook, One-Way Mirror which is her visual journal for the 2020-2021 pandemic year in Boston. 

She is a recipient of the 2019 Emerging Photographer Scholarship for the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and the grand prize winner of the #NewVisions2023: A Student Exhibition. She has exhibited her work at the Aurora Gallery and Bromfield Gallery in Massachusetts, as well as the 2022 Women Street Photographers exhibition at Artspace PS109 in New York City.

Her short film So Powerful was screened in the 2022 Global Peace Film Festival and the 2022 Acton Boxborough Cultural Council's Our World Film Series. She holds a B.A. in Geography and Studio Art from Clark University and is currently pursuing an MFA in Film and Media Art at Emerson College.


El tío viajero

So powerful


A prayer for protection

Mariposa de amor

El Tio Viajero (The Traveling Uncle), is a 30-minute personal hybrid documentary about how living around the world shaped the identity of the filmmaker and her father.  To unpack the question “Where are you from?” The film investigates two contrasting worlds of identity through conversations between Isabel and her father.

A Cameroonian and American coming from very different backgrounds find harmony and a higher power through their music making.

A character-driven story of José, working at the hotdog street carts in Downtown Crossing, Boston.

This documentary is a response to the first few weeks of the coronavirus outbreak in Massachusetts. It is Isabel's response to coping with the anxiety and fear around her through the use of prayer. 

"Mariposa de Amor" is a song that conveys the beauty of discovering something so beautiful that it changes your life, the way you see other people, and the world. It is about holding on to a positive feeling that makes your soul radiate with joy.

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