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Hispanic Women Filmmakers

Virtual Edition
8-9 October 2021

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Biannual Event
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The International Conference of Hispanic Women Filmmakers (CIMCiH) intends to actively contribute to the body of scholarly work on Women Directors, specifically those whose films are conceived and conducted in Spanish. This conference serves as a platform where creators, authors, scholars and students can discuss their research, and ultimately promote their work, expanding the boundaries of this historically overlooked collective.

What challenges are faced by the audiences interested in films directed by women? How distinct is a woman filmmaker’s gaze behind the camera? To what extent are political issues, artistic tendencies, and contexts of social change shaping the cinematic product? These questions are the foundations of this conference, which seeks to heighten the visibility of Women Filmmakers and their work across and beyond the Hispanic world.

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The first edition of CIMCiH is entitled “Cartographies” as an invitation to map -literally and metaphorically- a wide range of women’s work behind the camera, as well as to reflect on the power of both real and cinematic spaces. The Conference aims to examine how cultural ideologies, identities and intersectionalities (such as race, gender or age) are depicted on the big screen through the analysis of cultural, emotional and physical atlases.

List of topics (including but not limited to):

  • Real and metaphorical spaces

  • Landscapes

  • Private/ Public places

  • Urban/ Rural/ Maritime locations

  • Islands

  • Home(s)

  • Transatlantic connections

  • (Dis)placements

  • Cinematic atlases

  • Filmmakers and their maps

  • U.S. Latinas and Film

  • Hispanic Women Filmmakers around the world

  • Pedagogical experiences: teaching Films by Hispanic Women Filmmakers

  • Creative processes: teams behind and in front of the camera

  • Women in Film Production and Distribution

  • Where to find them?: Film Archives, Theaters, TV, Online Platforms

  • Interactions/ Filmic collaborations across the Hispanic World

  • Hispanic Women Filmmakers in other languages

Proposals (in English or Spanish): Abstracts of 250 words along with the paper’s title, academic affiliation and a 150 word biography

Accepted formats: papers (15 minutes presentations), posters, creative works, video essays




Guest speakers




Deadline for submissions was July 1st, 2021

CIMCiH has already notified participants about their proposals through an official email from

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